Earth Week 2014 | Green Week 2014

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What is Earth Week 2014 – Definition of Earth Week 2014



Earth Week 2014 is a time to promote awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment, sustainable living and earth awareness. Earth Week is also known as National Green Week 2014. Environmentalists all over the world will recycle and conserve energy this earth week!

Earth Week Dates 2014

Earth Week usually runs from April 16th to Earth Day, April 22nd. This leads up to Earth Day 2014!

Earth Week 2014 Ideas – Ideas for Earth Week 2014

What can you do this Earth Week 2014? There are many green ideas for Earth Week 2014 — Celebrate with green Earth Week Activities!

  • Less is More - Purchase items with less packaging.
  • Paperless Technologies - Invest in a kids ereader or kids tablet
  • Go Chemical Free – Adopt a chemical free lifestyle
  • Hybrid Light Bulbs – Use hybrid light bulbs in your home and office
  • Paperless Tablet PC – Unless you are a “committed luddite” – Invest in a Slate/Tablet PC
  • Green Energy – Advocate the use of sustainable, renewable, clean energy.
  • Earth Day Songs – Celebrate Environment Week 2014 with Earth Day Songs
  • Recycling – Start a recycling program at your school, office, or workplace.
  • Eco-Challenges - Convert waste materials into new things that are functional or beautiful, or both.
  • Sustainable Reading - Plant a new tree for every book you read
  • Earth Day Movie - Check out Disneynature’s Bears at a theater near you
  • Green Transportation – Walk, ride or bike - Skip the car!
  • Plant a Tree or Garden – Green your environment with trees, gardens and flowers.
  • Turn off the lights – Turn off all unnecessary lights
  • Go Flexitarian – Give up meat for one day
  • Become a Fracktivist – Join the fight to stop fracking
  • Phantom Energy – Unplug Appliances to reduce the use of phantom energy
  • Pick up the Garbage - Spend some a couple hours picking up litter at your local park, river or highway
  • Earth Week Activities -Teach children how to be environmentalists early! They are the future.

Come 2014, there will be many more green initiatives! Go Green with a Paperless Tablet PC

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