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2014 Earth Hour – I Will if You Will

Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour 2014

The choices we all make in our daily lives can make a massive difference, not only to our children, but also to the very planet on which we live. – Jessica Alba

This Earth Hour 2014 falls on Saturday, March 29, 2014 – Celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world by switching off your lights for an hour, then go beyond the hour.
Earth Hour 2014 will take place on Earth Hour 2014. Saturday, March 29 2014 (local time)
*Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March annually

What Time is Earth Hour 2014 – Turn the Lights Off

Celebrate your commitment to the planet by joining in the annual switch off – lights out. Switch off your non-essential lighting during World Earth Hour, Saturday March 23, between 8:30-9:30 pm local time in all buildings you can control.
Celebrate World Earth Hour movement, Every Hour by going Beyond Earth Hour.

World Earth Hour 2014 – Earth 60

On March 31, hundreds of millions of citizens, from one hundred different countries, will switch off the lights. In 2010, hundreds of millions of people turned off their lights for World Earth Hour. For Earth Hour 2014, we will continue this powerful global action on climate change. World Earth Hour is the largest call for action on climate change in history and continues to grow every year. World Earth Hour has become a global sustainability movement and will be followed by many more green initiatives for Earth Day.

Earth Hour Games for Kids – Earth Hour Kids

Read Earth Hour books and play games by candlelight. Use the “hour of darkness” to teach your children about climate change global warming. Get children thinking about ways to go beyond the hour.

Earth 60 – Lights Out 2014

Earth hour is also referred to as Earth Power Hour, Live Earth Hour and Earth 60. Earth Hour sends the message that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the short and long term benefit of the planet. Earth Power Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of sustainability issues. Let’s continue this global sustainability movement with Earth Hour 2014.

Hundreds of icons and landmarks around the world will turn their lights off for Earth Hour 2014. Global landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Rome’s Colosseum, the CN Tower in Toronto, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco will turn their lights off for World Earth Hour 2014.

Earth Hour Lantern Project – Virtual Lantern

Show your support for Earth Hour 2014 and create your own virtual Earth Hour lantern. Put your customized Earth Hour lantern on your Facebook, Twitter, website, or blog.

Virtual Light Switch – Lights Out

Make your own virtual light switch for World Earth Hour. The Virtual Light Switch is a Facebook application and a feature on the Earth Hour website. The Virtual Light Switch lets you choose the style of the switch and the décor of the room. Explore your creativity with vintage, retro and modern light switches and wallpapers. Promote Earth Hour by adding your virtual light switch to Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

Earth Hour History – Earth Hour Facts

The first Earth Hour was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007. Earth Hour first began in Australia in 2007, when 2.2 million residents of Sydney participated by turning off all non-essential lights for one hour. Earth Hour has become the largest voluntary action for the environment in history. Earth Hour is experiencing rapid growth and is the world’s largest mass participation event. World Earth Hour 2014 will involve one billion people around the globe, in more than 1,000 cities turning off lights. Live Earth Hour 2013 is a call of action to every individual, every business and every community to take a stand against climate change.

Earth Hour WWF – World Wildlife Fund

Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement that is organized by the well-respected World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The World Wildlife is on a mission is to stop the degradation of the environment and encourage people and businesses to live in harmony with nature.

Date of Earth Hour 2014 – Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour 2014 is on Saturday, March 29
Don’t be anti earth hour – “Vote Earth” and turn the lights off for World Earth Hour 2013. Save the Date and See you in the dark!
Thank you for visiting and get ready for Earth Day 2014 !

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